Who is a Carbon38


The Carbon38 Ambassador is a leader in the fitness industry and the best in their field. They are magnetic and authentic influencers. They keep their clients and communities motivated in innovative and exciting ways.

Check out @TeamC38 on Instagram to see our community in action.

The Carbon38 Ambassador program

How We're Different

Simply put, community.

Katie Warner Johnson, our CEO, was the original Carbon38 Ambassador. Her experience as a celebrity fitness instructor left her determined to create a new kind of ambassador program—one that was thoughtful, engaged, and committed to the growth of its members. By fostering connectivity and supporting each Ambassador in their journey, we've been able to build a network of over 7,000 Ambassadors worldwide.


20% off

Enjoy 20% off every purchase. Consider this our contribution to the inspiration you spread within your community.


• Access to a powerful, global community of like-minded Ambassadors.

• Exclusive invites to Carbon38 shopping events.

• Resources for hosting, gifting, and promoting  your classes + events.

• Opportunity to grow within the community as a City or District leader.


• Opportunities to be featured in Carbon38 content, from eCommerce shoots to social campaigns.

• Brand-building resources to create content for your own channel + community.


How We Work Together:

• Share our mission + vision with your community.

• Post social content that shows Carbon38 in action.

• Model Carbon38 during classes and livestreams.

• Foster studio relationships and co-branded opportunities.

• Be our experts—share emerging trends in the health + fitness space.

• Test-drive new collections to help us perfect them. We’ll look to you for design feedback and style inspiration.  

Join Team38

If you're interested in joining our team, email us at team38@carbon38.com.

“Some of my most cherished friends are my fellow Team38 ambassadors. This program makes me confident that I always have someone in my corner. I feel grateful to have this network, both personally and professionally, and to be part of a brand that continues to change the game. Unlike other ambassador programs, the Team38 program has created a community that spans across the country and globe. I know that anywhere I travel for work or fun, there are other like-minded women and men that I can connect with. This program is deeper than a discount code, trunk show, or promotional platform. This is a team that inspires me to be better and braver in my field. They have revolutionized what it means to be an ambassador in more ways than one, and I feel privileged to be involved."

—Alyssa Mandel
SparksCarbon38 Ambassador, Pilates Instructor
Los Angeles